"Striving to make your text accurate and more readable"

Proofread (verb): to ​find and ​correct ​mistakes in ​text before it is ​printed or put ​online.

About me

I am a freelance proofreader and before taking up proofreading, I worked for twenty years teaching English in the EFL sector so I have a good grounding in English grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and use of English.


I am a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and abide by their code of practice.


I offer a proofreading service to businesses, students, publishers and authors. I will work on your text not only to find errors and correct them but to find ways of making it read better too.


I can mark up your text in a variety of ways (see the Process page), whichever one works best for you, and I will tell you why I think a change should be made.


I enjoy proofreading copy of all types and like most proofreaders, I get satisfaction from finding and correcting mistakes and making a text 'better'. After you have taken the time and trouble to write something and are about to have it printed or published, it makes sense to have it checked thoroughly first. Please get in touch today and I'll be glad to discuss your project with you.

Ian D Southan




My areas of Interest


  • Travel and Geography


  • Science & Technology


  • Fiction

  • History & Archaeology


  • Language & Linguistics


  • EFL Teaching


  • The Visual Arts & Crafts




Ian is a meticulous proofreader who diagnosed & corrected my ‘comma-itis’! I was especially impressed by the speed with which my lengthy thesis was read and returned with his helpful comments and suggestions. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ian and thank him for his professionalism and interest in my project.

Ian Berle

England, PhD in Technology


I do thank you for all of your efforts and the layout is better than before so much, and looks like really professional. It is GREAT! Thanks again.

Chien Hauwen

England, BA in Jewellery Design














Don't let your self or your business down by allowingmistakes in punctuation

spellling, grammar, vocabulary or layout to slip though unnoticed.

Has someone check you're text before it is sent of to the printer and uploaded to

to your website. contact us today to discuss your requirements.



"Whoops! Perhaps I should have got someone to proofread this first!

How many errors or 'typos' can you find?"


What do I proofread?


  • Copy for company websites, blogs, online newspapers


  • Copy for non-publishers: brochures, leaflets, company reports, catalogues, press releases


  • Material for education: course listings, prospectuses


  • Copy for journalists and writers prior to publication


  • Material for publishers of

fiction and non-fiction


  • University student essays, theses, dissertations and research papers


  • Material for self publishers - your first novel perhaps?


  • EFL teaching material





Authors & Writers









If you are self-publishing a novel, writing an article for a magazine or publishing to a website or a blog you should get another pair of eyes to check over your work to be sure that it is free of errors and reads well.

Get in touch today to discuss your project.

















For information about proofreading your dissertations, papers and theses, click the academics link on the menu bar above - I can help you put a final polish on your writing.










Promoting your business, selling your product, establishing a brand - all these require the use of words. Words and the ways we use them are quite important - mistakes don't reflect well on your business - if you can't get the spelling right what else can't you get right?


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Striving to make text accurate and readable.