"Striving to make your text accurate and more readable"


What do I proofread?


  • University student essays, bachelor's and master's dissertations and PhDs


  • Articles and research papers


  • Material for self publishers such as novels, non-fiction, poetry, children's fiction


  • EFL teaching material


  • I specialise in working with clients whose first language is not English

















Hello and Welcome

You have finished your writing and now you are looking at websites searching for someone with a good command of English to check it through. Well, before taking up proofreading I worked for twenty years teaching English so you can be absolutely sure that your proofreader has an excellent grounding in grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and use of English.


And no doubt you are also looking for someone qualified and experienced in doing this work, I have had very positive feedback from my clients and I am a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and abide by their code of practice.


Whether you have written a novel, a book on French cars, a thesis on jewellery design, a scientific paper on face-recognition technology, an article on sports injuries or a CV and letter of application for a job you will find that you receive a friendly and supportive service from me. I will be thorough, keep you informed of progress, meet your deadlines and charge a fair price.

I will work with you to make your writing as good as it possibly can be.


After you have taken the time and trouble to write something and are about to have it printed or published, it makes sense to have it checked thoroughly first.

Ian D Southan





My areas of Interest


  • Travel and Geography


  • Science & Technology


  • Fiction & Poetry

  • History & Archaeology


  • Language & Linguistics


  • The Visual Arts & Crafts




I spent a lot of time researching and then writing a unique non-fiction book, and at the end of the process I needed a proof reader. Where should I go? I checked the internet and hey presto - Ian Southan!  We discussed the project, and Ian worked on my manuscript methodically and in very good time. I like his style, and appreciated his suggestions on things that I hadn’t spotted in my research, and with no extra charge! I will be in touch with Ian when my next book is ready. 

Steve Dine

Motoring Non-fiction


The quality and speed with which Ian proofreads the manuscripts that I send him is amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any one with a passion for writing but is not an english native speaker. Be brave, write and then let a professional like Ian have a look. Thank you Ian I hope to work with you again soon.

Catherine Maina

Children's Fiction & Poetry


I definitely recommend Ian Southan. He is an accurate professional, he sees mistakes and typos where nobody does, He helps you when your text is not clear enough and he makes useful suggestions regarding overall text comprehension. This is the best person to trust your text corrections on Earth!

Hernan Bargiela

Hyggelter Website














Don't let your self or your business down by allowingmistakes in punctuation

spellling, grammar, vocabulary or layout to slip though unnoticed.

Has someone check you're text before it is sent of to the printer and uploaded to

to your website. contact us today to discuss your requirements.



"Whoops! Perhaps I should have got someone to proofread this first!

How many errors or 'typos' can you find?"

Proofread (verb): to ​find and ​correct ​mistakes in ​text before it is ​printed or put ​online.

















For information about proofreading your dissertations, papers and theses, click the academics link on the menu bar above - I can help you put a final polish on your writing.

Authors & Writers









If you are self-publishing a novel, writing an article for a magazine or publishing to a website or a blog you should get another pair of eyes to check over your work to be sure that it is free of errors and reads well.

Get in touch today to discuss your project.










Promoting your business, selling your product, establishing a brand - all these require the use of words. Words and the ways we use them are important so it is necessary to get them right, I can help you do that by proofreading material for errors before it goes to print or online.


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Striving to make text accurate and readable.